Painful Urination Female: Know the Causes of Dysuria in Women

Painful urination or dysuria is a problem more common to women than men. Studies show that acute dysuria is seen in 25% of women between the ages 25 and 54. Painful urination in females can be caused by inflammation or infection. The burning sensation in women’s urinary bladder can be caused by some chemicals or soaps they use. The pain when urinating can also be caused by kidney stones. Undergoing chemotherapy in the pelvic region can also cause the problem.

There can be 2 types of causes for female painful urination which are infectious and non-infectious.

The infectious types include:

- Vaginitis – this is an infection to the vagina that can be caused by a virus, bacteria or yeast. Vaginitis has three forms: Candida infection, Trichomoniasis and Genital herpes.
- Bacterial vaginosis – caused by bacterial overgrowth and results to a milky discharge.
- Vulvitis – caused by a yeast infection to the vulva and often includes infections to the clitoris and the labia.
- Cystitis – common to women who are sexually active. This is an infection to the urinary bladder caused by injury to the bladder which later gets infected the E-coli bacteria.

Some non-infectious types of causes for female painful urination:

- Pain caused by toilet paper, certain chemicals or soaps.
- The affected person suffers from cancer of the renal tract or urinary bladder.
- Painful urination can be a post menopausal symptom where the level of estrogen is reduced.
- Caused by trauma or injury as a result of physical activities like bicycling, intercourse or horse riding.
- Pain caused by lesions.
- Painful urination in a female caused by diabetes mellitus.
- Depression and psychological conditions.

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